First-Year Writing

"I think that Ashanka is a great professor, honestly. Very approachable and welcoming." - English 101 Student.

"She is a very good instructor, she gets things done on time, she is always replying to my emails at a decent time and you can always count on her in class and out of class. Very reliable." - English 101 Student

University of Louisville (2016-Present)

  • English 102-DE (Online): Intermediate College Writing (Theme: Popular Culture) - Summer 2018 

  • English 102: Intermediate College Writing (Theme: Popular Culture) - Spring 2017 (Syllabus)

  • English 101: Introduction to College Writing - Fall 2016 (Syllabus)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2014-2015)

  • English 150: Writing: Rhetoric as Inquiry - Fall 2014 (Syllabus) | Spring 2015 (Syllabus)